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CourseMate is a tool that allows you to access all of your course materials online! From its eBook to its various study tools and variety of games, CourseMate is the latest technology in beauty education. CourseMate caters to different learning styles and makes learning easier and more fun.

Features included:

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offer CourseMate!  

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Interactive eBook


With the CourseMate eBook you are able to access your entire textbook online. The great part about it, is that you can highlight what you need to, quickly search the text for words/topics, bookmark pages and type your own study notes on any page. 

Study Tools


Study tools have even been created for you.


Learn each chapter with: 


  • Videos

  • Flash Cards

  • Audio glossary to help pronounce unfamiliar terms

  • Study notes

  • Chapter outlines

  • ... and much more!



CourseMate contains games to help study the course material. They're fun, easy and a great way to learn!


Games Include:


  • Hangman

  • Image labeling

  • Image Scramble

  • Work Scramble  

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