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From Cosmetology to Manicure and Nail Design courses, you'll always find the right class to suit your individual needs.

Want to expand your client base? Advanced classes are the perfect way for graduates to have an edge in today's beauty industry.

Nobody should be turned away because they can't afford to pay their tuition. Contact us to learn more about tuition options.

All students do great services for the public and are supervised by licensed professionals. Walk-ins are welcome!


Read our course catalog and massage catalog for more information.

Since 1969, South Hills and North Hills Beauty Academy has been inspiring students to begin an exciting career in the evolving industry of Beauty and Wellness. We provide service to Pittsburgh, all of western Pennsylvania, as well as areas in West Virginia and Ohio.


We offer comprehensive programs in Cosmetology and Hair Design, Manicuring and Nail Design, and Esthetics-Skin Care and Make-up, and an Instructor's Program. We are dedicated to our student's success during school and after graduation therefore, provide comprehensive and advanced education as standard instruction. Our advanced education classes include Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion, Airbrush Make-up and Spray Tanning and Eyelash Extensions, and Microblading.

At each of our academies, we pride ourselves on providing a learning environment that is professional and modern. Also, since we are open to the public, students learn by working on actual clients in a real salon setting, giving them the confidence and knowledge to "Join the World of Beauty."

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South Hills Beauty Academy

3269 West Liberty Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15216

North Hills Beauty Academy

813 West View Park Dr.

Pittsburgh, PA 15229

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We strive to offer a memorable educational experience for our students to "do what they love" through:

• Innovative Instructors

• Professional Guest Artists

• Interaction with Industry Leaders

• Fully equipped class rooms, Student Salon & Spa area,  and treatment rooms

• Modern Salon and Spa Equipment

• Cutting Edge Curriculum

• Advanced Learning Materials

Our programs will prepare you to excel in your desired industry. It is the difference between learning a job and becoming an artist/specialist. Continued career support is one of the benefits of our school and it begins on your first day of school and continues on past graduation.

As an accredited institution, we offer only the best instruction for Cosmetology and Hair Design, Manicuring and Nail Design, Esthetics, and Instructor's Programs. Contact us today 412-561-3381! Learn how you can enroll in one of our exciting classes.

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North Hills Beauty Academy

Leading Beauty School & Classes

Are you passionate about making people look and feel their best? Do you love the idea of being able to boost the confidence of your customers with top-quality beauty treatments? Perhaps you want to be at the cutting-edge of the beauty industry, gaining inspiration from top artists in the field or learning advanced techniques that will allow you to offer your clients the best. We are an established beauty school that takes pride in offering every student the tools they need to succeed.


Esthetician Courses, Make-Up Classes and Much More

Our aim is to provide a broad spectrum of classes for each student to gain the experience and skills they need for the future. We regularly invite leading beauty artists to showcase what they do, ensuring our students know what's possible with talent and hard work. When enrolled in our esthetics, cosmetology, or manicuring & nail design classes, our knowledgeable instructors will teach you how to deliver consistently outstanding results.


Practice on the Public in our Student Salon & Spa

When you undertake our cosmetology & hair design or other courses, we ensure you have real clients to practice on. This means that you don't just learn the theory of the various techniques; you also learn how to apply them to clients safely and professionally. It also gives you a chance to develop your customer care, ensuring that every treatment you do is administered in a way that leaves your client feeling fresh and enhanced.


Cosmetology Classes from a Leading Provider

What makes us different from the rest is that we see what we do as artistry. Our students are given the space they need to develop their individual style, as well as learn all the skills they need to provide premium results that will leave clients delighted. To find out more about what we can offer, or to check enrollment arrangements, you can call us at (412) 561-3381.

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