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Providing a great range of cosmetology courses, make-up classes and more, we offer every student the opportunity to obtain top quality qualifications in a wide range of beauty therapies and treatments.  Our skilled instructors are fully experienced and certified in the very latest techniques.  They are skilled at passing their knowledge on, enabling students to broaden their skills and offer their customers more.


Flexible Esthetician Courses to Fit Your Schedule


We know that many of our students are already working, or are trying to fit beauty school around their other existing commitments.  That's why we offer a selection of evening and day classes, so you can normally find something to suit your schedule.  Our classes include everything from beginner standard entry courses through to advanced courses that give students the high level skills they need to develop their own artistry and style.


Cosmetology & Hair Design Master Classes


Our school regularly hosts presentations and workshops facilitated by professional artists who are at the top of their field.  This not only enables our students to pick up additional skills, it also provides inspiration and plenty of ideas which students can use as a basis for their own developing craft.  Our well-equipped facilities have the up-to-date equipment and products you would expect to find in a modern salon.


Students Can Practice Their Skills on Members of the Pittsburgh Public!


We have a training salon where real, paying customers go for their treatments.  This provides our students with valuable “real life” experience, enabling them to learn good customer care as well as try out what they've learned in training.  If you want to take advantage of some of the best Manicuring & Nail Design classes available locally, as well as a range of other training opportunities, you can call us at (412) 561-3381 (South Hills) or (412) 931-8553 (North Hills).

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